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Love Never Dies

People die but love never does. Love burns strong in our hearts and spirits while we journey through the dimly lit path grief. We create love in every tender embrace, loving memory, and kind word. The love we create remains the strongest bond between souls. It's what keeps us connected long after the body dies. Love grows and love changes but it never dies. When I connect with your loved ones they always have loving messages for you. If you worry what they think of your life, they love and accept you. If you lost them suddenly, they know how much you love and miss them. If you have apologized to them silently, they heard. If they need to apologize, they do and will accept responsibility for their mistakes. If you need for them to be there for you, they always will. If it's your child, their spirits are with you every moment you need them and they are doing fine. Love keeps us connected.

     It doesn't matter how they died, who they were, how they lived or mistakes either of you made, they are always with you when you need them and sometimes even when you don't. Their personalities and humor are still intact so if you loved a practical joker, they're still playing jokes and if you loved someone who was warm and generous, they are nurturing family on the other side. They see what is happening in your life and come close during hard times. They see you cry for them and hear you pray. They read the letters you write and hear the stories you tell. They were at their service, when you spread their ashes or got that tattoo in their honor. They visit you often in scents, electrical disturbances, music, dreams, chills and goosebumps as well as serendipitous moments. They are with you at special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries,graduations and the births of children. They visit your children and pets and keep you company on lonely nights while you sit and watch TV. They are with you because they love you. Our souls are simply connected by the bonds of love.

     If your heart is hurting, please look for signs and talk to your loved ones. They want to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them. They are there no matter what the relationship. Love never dies. Much kindness and love to all of you.

P.S.  Pets, too!

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