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Kim's Referrals

Below are a few people Kim recommends if you are looking for someone who offers similar services as Kim or if you're looking for someone who offers other services in the spiritual/holistic space. 


Dena Gould

Light of Mine LLC

Dena is a Spiritual Impetus who is inspired to help people achieve fulfilling, happy lives through self-exploration, intuitive energy balancing, and the release of limiting stories, pain, and fear.
She is a healer, truth speaker, and energy shifter who empowers people using a unique combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), energy work, and talk therapy. 
Dena provides each client with individualized guidance and insight to help move beyond the past, tear down personal boundaries, and regain personal power. She asks difficult questions, works to uncover the root cause of any limiting issues, and equips each client with personalized tools to facilitate healing and growth.

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Jennifer Welte


I am Jen Welte, a trained Psychic/Medium, and Paranormal Investigator. I realized at the very young age of 6 that I was able to see and hear Spirit but didn’t start officially developing my abilities until late 2016 with Kim Moore. After years of classes with Kim, I just recently completed a year-long mentorship with Anthony Mrocka. Delivering messages as the voice of the voiceless is my passion! 

I offer Medium readings, Tarot readings, Home Blessings, as well as Paranormal investigations.  

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Jane S Marino.jpg

Jane Marino

Mediumship Readings/Energy Healing

I am a Professional Intuitive, specializing in Psychic Mediumship, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Life Coaching. Through various spiritual and healing modalities, I'm able to provide insights and tools to help you access your true power and improve all aspects of your life. It is my sincerest joy to use my gifts to help you discover your gifts and move you forward on your life’s journey.

Madelie Huggins


I first discovered my psychic abilities when I was just six years old. As a child and a young adult, I was able to see visions and read cards for friends and loved ones and began my career as a card reader and palmist. As I grew older, I was visited by the spirit of the Archangel Michael. I continued to have new experiences and engaged in formal training at the Psychic Institute in Denver, and with Sarah Ingier, a psychic surgeon residing in Austin, Texas. I recently travelled to Brazil to visit and gain insight with John of God and completed medium ship training with John Holland at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y. 

Today, I give spirit-guided healings to remove disease and physical energy blockages that prevents living in harmony with universal flow of good health and well-being.


Martha Griego

Capturing and Producing your Special Moments in Video and Song.

I started making DVD presentations for close friends and family for special events, like memorials, tributes, vacations, parties, etc! They would provide me with all their video, pictures, music, as well as voice recordings and I would put them together for them.

The more I did these videos, I realized how much it allowed people to stay connected to their loved ones or a special event/memory they have. It’s amazing how a simple video tribute can be so meaningful!   I personally enjoyed knowing their loved one as well as the whole family by making these videos.

I enjoy watching people smile, laugh and say, “wow, you told a story”.  But it is actually them who told the story, I just put it together for them.

My website will not show all the videos that were completed because they were longer and some of the faces were blurred out because I did not have their permission.  

I believe in honesty, trustworthiness and am here to help you with great memories of your family.  I take the time to make sure it is exactly what you are wanting and at no extra charge.

If you or anyone you know needs a memorial video, a special tribute or just wants a special event put into video form, I’d be happy to help you!

May you have a great day.

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