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When I was growing up I wanted to be a writer, a veterinarian, and a singer.  Never once did I consider being a psychic, let alone a medium. In September 2004, I lost my boyfriend/ best friend to suicide. It was a tragic loss and it changed my entire life. Up until that point, I never considered that people could stick around after they passed away.  Actually the whole idea of death and losing someone freaked me out so much I couldn't even talk about it.  A week or so after he passed, I started looking into books by John Edward, James Van Praagh, etc. All the books said I could do this myself, but I was still hesitant. I wanted to talk to a real medium and see if this was real. Within a few days, I heard a local medium doing readings on a radio station in Denver, and I called in. She gave me so much information from my boyfriend that all my doubt was gone. I decided then and there that not only did I want to connect with my boyfriend BUT the healing and peace that one reading gave me was something that I wanted to pass onto others.  A couple of months later, I started taking mentoring classes and learned how to trust and develop my intuition.  As a side effect, I realized I was psychic and always had been as well. I also realized I could connect with people who have passed away.

Here I am, many years later, doing readings and teaching classes.  I have found my passion for helping people connect with their loved ones and the peace and comfort that brings. I also love helping people get in contact with their spirit guides and angels. It is a real blessing to know when life gets rough, you are never alone and you always have help, even if you can't see it. 

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