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Our homes can be our sanctuary, helping us to feel safe and grounded in our world. There are times, however, when the energy in our homes can feel stuck or stagnant. This happens because there are days we feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad, frustrated and a variety of other emotions. The energy of these emotions can linger especially if we tend to leave the windows closed, have clutter or ongoing stressors, frustrations, and grief. Every one of us has the ability to clear and bless our own living space, or for that matter, your workspace as well. House blessing kits are uniquely designed to give you the tools to do the blessing in your own way and time. Every house blessing kit includes detailed instructions, blessing stones, incense, sage, sweetgrass, candle(s) and other tools to help you bless your space. A basic blessing kit will clear and re-energize a space.  There are also blessing kits that not only clear stagnant energy, but bless your home and allow you to manifest love, good health, protection, and abundance.  There is even a kit to help you sell your home or bless your land or office. Which one will be right for you?


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