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'Thank you so much for providing my reading for me and sending the recording. I was in shock with all of the information that you gave me. I can't explain how elated I feel since I left your office yesterday. The things that my grandfather said were so moving and knowing that him and my kitty are together and by my side has been wonderfully overwhelming. Now that I know that they are always with me, I talk out loud a lot more! I just wanted to let you know that you have made a wonderful difference for me and helped me get closure.' -LT

​'I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our reading yesterday. Thank you for such a positive experience.-LB 

'This Lady is truly the real deal. So amazing and very comforting. I highly recommend this for anyone that feels the need to connect with someone who has passed."  -CM

'My sister and I treated our father to a reading with Kim.  He was very skeptical.  Within minutes we were amazed at what she as able to sense and tell us.  She was right on about so many things she couldn't possibly have known about our family and yet she gradually brought many of our beloved relatives into the room in one wonderful hour.  It felt like the reunion we had hoped for, for our father.  We are very grateful!  Thank you, Kim.  Your talent gives closure, peace and happiness to those who visit you!'  -A.E.

Thank you, Kim, for the truly amazing reading with me and my daughter.  Our loved ones came through loud and clear, with specific validations that were so spot on, it took our breath away!  We are so glad we came and will be talking about this experience for years to come! -G.E.

Kim, thank you for meeting with me today. You are a talented young lady with an amazing gift. You helped me today, I now have the closure I could not find on my own and can now move on. Thank you so much. -E.R.

Kim, thank you so much for the reading you did for me.. I feel a peace in my heart, that I haven't felt in a very long time. May God continue to bless your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  -D.C.

You are an amazing person. What you do for everyone and what you did for me can not be thanked with words. You opened my heart and mind to so many other possibilities. I will be eternally grateful for all you have done for me. I will be seeing you again. Thank you Kim. Take Care. -AK

Thank you so much for the gallery reading at the Athena Festival. To hear from my Husband was everything that I needed right now! It was amazing! I am so very grateful!-CP

I had the most amazing reading from Kim today!!! Did she ever put my heart at ease.If you were ever given the chance to meet with her you would highly appreciate the happiness she would bring you as I was able to experience today. The special moments she brought up and shared with me today about my mother and family members that have passed was remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kim and many times over for this gift you have given to allow me to connect with my mom again. I will definitely be coming back soon!-RR

Kim you are the real deal! I finally know what that feels like. You gave me a phenomenal reading and I could've been there all day....I just ran out of questions LOL! I've had time to think of more though! I can't wait for my next reading and I'm telling all my friends about my experience with you. Thank you much! -JM

Thanks so much Kim, for helping me through my tough are a wonderful guide, and its been a mysterious pleasure having you give me readings!!! you rock!-AJ

Thanks Kim! I haven't seen my mother smile like she did today in years. I think you really convinced her that her mother is and always was right there with her. My sister and I totally rocked mothers day this year-SH

I was blown away by the insights revealed during our time together.  And I'm reading the Louise Hays book. Thank you so much.  I was able to mend my relationship with my mother this past weekend in part due to seeing you. Thanks, D.M.

I just wanted to tell you that I am glad that I finally got the nerve to go and see you.  I was always told that Mediums, psyches, and the like were all just a fraud and  spending my money to talk to one would be a waste of time.  I will admit that I went because I really needed closure with some family, friends, and yes even a personal pet that had crossed over.  But I kept that skeptical feeling in my mind about somebody really being able to really contact the other side.  But I had to try anyway and see for myself.  Well, Kim, without any questions being asked of me and just sitting there listening to you go into this, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time at what you told me.  You knew about all the people and even three pets that I had and was able to answer the questions I had prayed to those very people about.  There isn't a question that you were in contact with them because what you described was there personality here on earth.  I just didn't realize how good you were when I arrived but do know without doubt you are the real thing.  I am hoping to see you again for more. information I need.  This time I will be there without the skeptical feeling I had the first time   -J.G.

Just wanted to say thank you . I had the most incredible, life changing experience and I couldn't thank you enough!! I cannot wait for future appointments with you. Also, during my time with you we talked about my uncle. I remembered you saying something about him possibly having cancer and I told you that I didn't believe that to be true. After coming home and telling my mom about it, she told me that a week before he passed he had found out they weren't going to treat his stomach cancer.  It just made my first experience so much more real and so so incredible!!Happiest feeling ever knowing he's around!! :) -J.M.

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you Kim , to be able to know my husband is ok and still in mine and our daughters life even after his death is very good closure and peace of mind. To hear his words and know he hears me as well helps me to carry on. Thank you so much i needed to hear everything that was said. -M.M.

 I met Kim Moore at the metaphysical convention at the Denver Merchant Mart in March of 2011. I went with my daughter and her ex-boyfriend. She and I had decided to walk around and look at all the booths before we decided who to talk with. We both got the same feeling from Kim at the same time, so we sat down and were shocked at what she knew and even more shocked a month later when something she said... happened! After that I was hooked. I gave gift certificates to my sons both brought their wife or girlfriend. I got to sit in on my youngest and his girlfriends reading. In the car ride home, she began to confirm everything Kim had just told her. My youngest son is no longer a skeptic. My eldest son and his wife lost a precious baby boy at birth. I was a little worried what they would think of my gift but after they went to see Kim, they called and told me their little guy came to tell them he never left. He played with his siblings when they were babies. Telling his mom to stop blaming herself!
I really could go on and on, Kim knows so much! She makes me feel so comfortable,My favorrite gift now is a certificate to see her! I love going to see her because she brings my love ones to me! I really do feel blessed to have someone so very special in my life! -S.B.

From the moment I first walked into the room for my initial reading from Kim I felt such a warm presence about her, I felt so at ease and comfortable.  I sat down to speak with Kim and had not told her why I was there to see her; she immediately picked up on why I was there and who I was trying to reach out to. I had lost my husband nearly a year prior to our first meeting. I will never forget that when we started talking she stopped mid sentence to comment on the necklace I was wearing, just a simple star, my mother-in-law had given it to me after my husband passed. Kim stated bluntly, “what’s with the necklace? I don’t know why but I am supposed to comment on your necklace.”  It was not something most people would know yet Kim knew that my necklace had very significant meaning to me. Kim talked to me about thing that no one else knew but him, details from events when it was just the two of us as well as things that had happened since his passing. She did more for me that day then just help me find peace within but also helped start me on a journey back to find myself. Kim told me about spirit guides and the journey we each have while on earth; that there are life lessons we are each sent here to work on. Since that initial visit I have gone back to see Kim sometimes when I am having a good period in life and other times when I am feeling down and need someone to talk with, but always going with an open mind. Kim has become my grief counselor in a way. She helps me know that I am not crazy and that everyone heals on their own time in their own way. Before I met Kim I had been trying several different avenues to help me cope with the loss, I had gone to different types of counselors trying to sort through my emotions and never felt at peace until I meet Kim.  I recommend Kim to everybody that I know that is interested in pshysic mediums; she is truly an amazing, wonderful person with a huge heart that has touched so many people’s lives. -S.J.

 Well I thought the reading was very down-to-earth, practical and intuitive. As she tuned in to my spirit guides, I felt like I was discussing my life with someone who has been observing not only my struggles, but my very thoughts; the information was that accurate. It has helped me immensely to know that I have guides supporting and rooting for me, that I am not alone, and that they are eager to help me. I received so much insight into my problems that I feel I am better prepared to handle them now. I could have talked to her for hours! -L.A. 

I scheduled an appointment with Kim for a medium reading. I wanted to be able to contact the family and friends who had passed. From the moment I walked in, Kim made me feel comfortable. During the reading, Kim was able to relay validations that were clear and valid. The time flew by, but I left with such a wonderful feeling. To be able to contact and receive messages from my parents and friends gave me such an uplilfting boost! Kim is warm and welcoming and her gift and skills are amazing. -S.A. 

I sought Kim out at the Colorado Springs Metaphysical Fair because she seemed to have a natural way of connecting with those who’ve crossed over and I had some unresolved questions about a friend I’d recently lost.  She gave me the answers I needed to hear and I was delighted to have some of my relatives and pets come through as well! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and I found the whole experience to be cathartic. My hope is that she gets to share her gift with others who need to connect with loved ones who have passed.-C.E.

I came to see Kim to find some guidance on a situation where I had either lost or misplaced my wedding rings. I thought I had a time line of when I had unconsciously taken them off, however, I just couldn't place in my mind what exactly happened. She told me exactly where I was and what happened. Although it wasn't the news I wanted to hear, she clearing saw where I had dropped or left them in a dressing room at Belmar and a very dishonest person had happened upon them. It gave me some closure and pushed me to file an insurance claim. She also talked about other things currently going on in my life that I needed to address and I have little by little been incorporating her revelations into my busy, crazy life. She gave me some much needed comfort, guidance and insight into my life and I have told and referred many friends to her. I thank her for being so genuine and respectful during our time together.


When I came to see Kim after my mother passed away I was totally blown away. Kim has an amazing connection to those who have passed. Did I say amazing?!?! She is very gifted and I am so grateful to have met her.  Kim has made the burdens of my journey a lot lighter. Thank you Kim. -W.L.

"I had no idea what to expect when I made my first appointment with Kim, but the accuracy of the information in my reading, and the manner in which it was conveyed was amazing.  I wanted to connect with a friend who had passed, and in addition to a beautiful reunion with him, my session also brought personal insight and great healing in other areas of my life that I had not even anticipated.  The messages Kim delivered altered the course of my life for the better." -S.D.

I sat down with you at the fair on Saturday and was determined to not give anything away that would encourage you in any way.  I simply sat down with the expectation of just hearing whatever you had to tell me.  Deep down I had an agenda, but I have some experience with channeling and I understand that we don’t always choose who comes through.  The way you connected me with my deceased son Brad was amazing.  I am always the skeptic, so many things have happened directly to me that would convince others that there is much more than just the world we live in where I am always left with the feeling of “but maybe it’s just…”   I truly believe that Brad was connected with me through you.  You told me things that only he and I would know.  To anyone who has had such a traumatic loss as I have, it’s so comforting to know that not only are our loved ones still out there, but that their personalities are the same and they still feel the love the always did.  Thank you so much Kim, I am a believer! -S.H.

What clients say about house blessings.............

Thank you Kim for the help you have given me and my family. After the house clearing and blessing we have been very happy and comfortable in our home. For the first time in a long time we are at peace, comfortable in our home and being a family again.You are a very special person and I am glad I found you to help us. -RM

What clients say about Kim's classes....

Kim Moore is an amazing teacher.  She is honest with what she teaches and encourages her students to practice things on a daily basis.  Kim pushes her students out of their comfort zone because she wants them to see the potential that they have.  It might feel uncomfortable at first but the teaching from it is phenomenal.  I will continue to take classes with her for as long as she has them.  The combination of psychic and self development fall hand in hand because truly one cannot fully exist without the other.  Kim's teaching style is unique in that she assigns homework.  It's not group homework where everyone works on the same subject it.  It is assigned individually so everyone can grow how they need to.  I enjoy all of the exercises within the class.  If you want personal and spiritual growth at the same time then Kim's psychic and self development classes are where you will find that.  Thank you Kim for being the awesome teacher that you are! -LB

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