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In the Trenches with Kim of the Universe


First Episode: 5pm MST 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Link to first episode:


I have been thinking a lot about staying connected to all the awesome people I meet AND a way to share all the cool things I have gathered as my spirit travels through the universe. This is what I came up with!

The first broadcast will a little history of me and what I do as well as any Q & A from those people watching. The next ones will be all about things like love and relationships, family and boundaries, work and balance, listening to your intuition, energy, etc... Each one will be different and Q & A is always welcome. I am not sure if I am doing any readings during these chats but maybe, who knows what will happen, My intention in this is to open up to you, my cupcakes, and the world all the beautiful and enlightening things I have picked up in my time as a psychic, a medium and a human.

The best way to stay connected is through Youtube. If you want to watch it LIVE, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel but after the live show the video link will be posted on Facebook and eventually my website.

This video broadcast will happen every couple of weeks with some other videos thrown in here and there that aren't live.