MONTHLY  Psychic & Self Development Classes


If you want to RSVP (you don't have to) , please do so through Kim's Meetup group: MEETUP GROUP

Lakewood/Denver-Second Wednesday - Monthly
7:00pm-8:30pm $20 at Kim's office

2103 S Wadsworth Blvd. #101

Lakewood, CO 80227

*2019 dates through June

2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/8, 6/12

Frederick, CO -Second Thursday- Monthly

6:30-8pm $20 at Enchanted Living

451 Oak St #106 (Miner's Square)

Frederick, CO 80530

*2019 dates through June


The Souls beauty- a class in creativity and soul expression

 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, 5/9, 6/13

Psychic & Self Development classes are  monthly classes to help you focus on your communication with your soul, those in the living world and those in spirit.  Each class covers a different topic relating to the self, intuition or mediumship.

Soul to Soul Communication Meetup

(formerly Mediumship Development Group)

This monthly group is led by Medium & Psychic Kim Moore at her office in Lakewood.  The primary intent of this group is to meet and practice soul to soul communication.  Some meetings will be focused on connecting with the discarnate souls (loved ones in spirit) while other groups focus on connecting with souls in the living world (psychic). This is not a full course of psychic or mediumship development but a place to acquire new technique and practice in a warm and friendly environment of like minded individuals in your community. The cost is $15 per meeting and they will always meet on a Sunday from 2pm-4pm.  Early arrival at 1:30.  There is never a need to bring anything to class but an open mind and a kind heart.

This group meets at my office in Lakewood only

**This is a practice group that meets monthly.  It is not a class so much as a guided practice session.**

2019 Dates through June for the Soul to Soul Meetup (Sundays)
1/20, 2/10, 3/10, 4/14, 5/5, 6/23

COMING IN 2019-Workshops in Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs

2019 Classes